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We make sure all our clients feel welcome, safe, and that their privacy is protected. During your first appointment, you will be asked to fill out an intake form. This form will be used to check for conflicts in providing representation, and for internal office use only. 

The receptionist will be sitting in the front office, and is there to provide the form, take messages, and schedule appointments. They cannot provide legal advice, but can take down questions if Attorney O'Mara is not available. The receptionists have been trained in managing confidential information and will not discuss any confidential information outside the office.

If you would like to see or fill out the form in advance, here is a link: Form .


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Your name, and other information will be kept confidential for office use only, subject to the rules governing Maine Attorneys.
Please note that legal advice cannot be given out via e-mail before the intake form is filled out, and that an in-person meeting and/or follow up phone call is usually required.